Dial a Dog Wash, Coventry and Nuneaton
Areas Covered: 
Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth and Surrounding Areas

Does your dog need grooming ? Is he too old to travel? Or get car sick?

Does he get stressed or nervous ? Does he hate other dogs ? Get aggressive or scared when surrounded by them ?

Why waste your time and fuel ? When you could be doing other things at home or work.

Why have him shut into a cage on a `conveyor belt` system in a parlour, when he can be on a complete one-to-one with me ! Surrounded by love, warmth and kindness.

No need to wreck your own bathroom or give him a bath with a cold hose - would you like it !!!

Let me come to you, in my specially heated and converted van, where I can take care of all your pets needs and at the same time take the stresses away.....and yours too !

Knowing your beloved pet is being clipped, groomed and bathed on your very own doorstep is a comfort in itself. He will be returned to you clean, tidy, smelling great and most importantly - HAPPY !!!