Our Services

As leading mobile dog groomers for Coventry, Dial a Dog Wash aims to provide convenient and cost-effective grooming service on a One -to- One Basis. We come to you and groom every dog outside your premises in our MGPs (Mobile Grooming Parlours). Saving you the time and cost in taking and picking up your dog to a static groomers.



We will take every care of your pet while we are working and grooming. We use the latest washing equipment and have carefully selected all our grooming and washing products from leading trade suppliers who specialise in offering professional grooming products. After every completed washing and grooming session we will discuss the outcome with you to ensure that our service meets the needs of both you and your pet.


Our fully comprehensive service includes
  • Full Clips and Trims
  • Washing with Medicated Shampoos
  • Turbo Drying not Cage Drying
  • Flea treatments
  • Coat conditioning and deodorising
  • Nail clipping and deodorising
  • Nail and Ear Plucking
  • De shedding of undercoat



Wash & Dry Service.

This service includes, grooming with a unique grooming tool to remove dead undercoat, knots, loose skin flakes, dirt/grit etc, nail clip, check ears and eyes and clean accordingly to remove excessive wax and sleep, then a relaxing bath using  shampoo's that contain only natural ingredients and conditioners, giving body and shine to all types of fur, Turbo blow dry to blow out remainder dead fur, another groom with a slicker brush to add to the density and texture of the fur and then to finish - a rub down with a 9 essential oil doggy cologne – leaving your dog smelling beautiful on their return - GUARANTEED!



Remember, there’s No driving, parking, hassle, or stress for your dog to worry about. We bring the very best of dog grooming TO YOU! right outside your door.

All Dogs must be of GOOD HEALTH and be able to stand whilst being groomed.


Nail Trimming

£10 Charge   - if another dogs nails need clipping (must be at the same address) Otherwise a £15 call out applies.



 Flea or tick control treatments also available

Prevention is better than Cure!!

Prices vary, depending on size and breed – starting from £5. Please ask our groomers for a quote.



 De-Shedding service!

This Service is included in all our Grooming Services.

This is the removal of dead hair from your pet , so there will be less to sweep up from the floor in your home. With a unique grooming tool we can eliminate dead undercoat, knots, loose skin flakes, dirt/grit etc from your dog’s coat. Our dog groomers carry out nail clipping, ears are checked and cleaned and then your pet is bathed using a natural tea tree oil , Aloe Vera and lavender shampoo (with insect repelling properties). We can also use your shampoos supplied by your vet.



Micro-Chipping Service - £25

Special Discounts for Litters and Dog Breeders.   


Keep your dog looking and feeling his or her best


Get FREE advice on how best to care for your pet’s coat in between visits


Medicated treatments for allergies/skin conditions 


 For more details  please call today without delay on

 024 75 313724  or  07828 465951. 



Or go to our enquiry page and Book online.

We strongly recommend to avoid disappointment, that you book your next appointment on the day that your groomer calls. It is not uncommon for us to be booked up several weeks in advance.